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Incorrect Carriage Roller Size

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The carriage rollers in my Zing look like they are different sizes. Is something wrong?



Carriage rollers are visually different in size, which may cause engraving quality issues. If the carriage rollers are left for too long, you may experience metal on metal contact once the rollers wear.


Zing engravers may contain carriage rollers that have been incorrectly sized.

Machines affected:

Epilog Zing machines with serial numbers that fall in to the following range may be affected:

            10035-0800061612 to 10035-0800411612

Description of issue:

X-Axis carriage rollers that are incorrectly sized may have been installed in your machine.

  • The correct roller size is 1 inch in diameter.
  • The incorrect rollers are ¾ inch in diameter.

To determine if you need a replacement carriage assembly, measure and compare the size of the rollers on the X-carriage. All rollers need to be approximately 1 inch in diameter. If they are not all the same size, you will need to replace the lens carriage assembly.


Epilog will provide 1 complete lens carriage assembly for installation/replacement in your Zing machine. Please call us at 303-215-9171.

You will be required to return the defective carriage assembly back to Epilog when the repair/upgrade is complete. When the replacement carriage is sent, an RMA will be created for the return of the part. Failure to return the part to Epilog may inhibit your ability to receive service in the future. 

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