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Y-Axis Motor Replacement on the Epilog Zing

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How do I replace the Y-Motor on my Zing Laser?


Y-Axis Motor Replacement on the Epilog Zing

Machine Type:          Epilog Zing 16 and 24

Tools Required:        #1 Phillips screw driver

  1.  Remove the back panel form the machine by loosening the captured screws shown in Picture 1.
    Note: The screws will loosen but you will not be able to remove them from the back panel.

    Picture 1 - Rear Panel Screws
  2. Locate the Y-motor, it is shown in picture 2.

    Picture 2 - Y-Motor Location
  3. On either side of the Y-motor is a drive coupler.  Locate the drive couplers. They are shown in picture 3.

    Picture 3 - Location of Drive Couplers
  4. On each drive coupler are two hex head (Allen screws). Locate and then loosen all four hex head screws. The four hex head screws are shown in picture 4.

    Picture 4 - Drive Coupler Hex Screws
  5. Slide the drive couplers away from the Y-motor as shown in picture 5.

    Picture 5  - Right Drive Coupler Moved Away From Y-Motor
  6. On the far left hand side of the engravers chassis is the Y-motor electrical connection. The black connection is for the Y-motor. This connection is shown in picture 6.

    Picture 6 - Y-Axis Motor Connection
  7. On the Y-motor connection is a small lock. Depress the lock and gently pull the connection to the right. It should require no force to remove the connector from it socket, once the lock is depressed.
  8. Clip the white cable tie which is shown in picture 7.

    Picture 7 - Cable Tie to be Removed
  9. On the right hand side of the Y-Axis motor there are 4 Phillips mounting screws. The location of the mounting screws is shown in picture 8.

    Picture 8 - Y-Motor Mounting Screw Location
  10. Remove the four Y-Motor mounting screws and move the motor to the left far enough to clear the motor shaft.


  1. Install the Y-Motor from the left hand side and install and tighten the four mounting screws.
  2. Reconnect the Y-Motor electrical connection on the left hand side of the machine. Due to the key on one side, this connector can only be installed in one direction.
  3. Slide the drive couplers back in to place. The drive coupler on the left, in picture 8 is in the correct position.
    Note: There are no “flats” on the drive shafts to line up. Simply slide the coupler in place and tighten the four hex head screws (Allen screws)

    Picture 9 - Left Drive Coupler in Correct Position and Right Out of Position
  4. Replace the machines rear panel.
  5. Restart the engraver.  

If you have any questions please call Epilog’s Technical Support

Phone             303.215.9171

Fax                 303.531.7594


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