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Installing Firmware Updates with FlashMaster

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How do I install new firmware for my Legend system using FlashMaster?



Click on the firmware download above and save. Normally, the default Save location is onto your Desktop folder. If the computer you are downloading from is not the same computer that is attached to your laser system you may want to save this download file to a different location than your Desktop; such as a floppy disk or other portable media. This download file is just like any other file that you use (such as a Corel file), and can be moved easily from one computer to another.



Once you have the downloaded file saved on the appropriate computer, simply double click on the file to extract it. You will be asked to save the extracted file to a new location. Select the location you want to save this file to and proceed.


Note: When the file is extracted, it expands to many times its original size and will no longer fit on a floppy disk – keep this in mind if you need to move the download from computer to computer. Also, extracting the file changes it from an .exe format to a .hex format. It is the .hex format file that you will use to upgrade.



Once the file has been extracted, open FlashMaster, and then use Pick File to select the .hex file that you just extracted. After picking the .hex file, define your Target: and click on the Go button.


Note: If you are using LPT1 as your parallel connection, you do not need to specify the Target –just click Go. If you are using LPT2 or any other parallel port, you will need to type LPT2 (or other number) and use that as your Target. If you are using the Ethernet connection, type in the IP Address of the laser (for example, and then press Go!

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