Replacing the X-Motor on the Legend 36EXT

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How do I replace the X-motor on my Legend 36EXT?


Replacing the X-Motor on the Legend 36EXT

Machines: Legend 36EXT
Tools: 5/32 Allen Wrench

  1. Remove both side panels.

  2. Push the I-beam until it is perpendicular to the opening on the left side of the machine, so it is more accessible.
  3. Disconnect the three leads connected to the motor.
  4. Loosen the I-beam belt.

    a. Using a 5/32 Allen wrench, loosen the two screws found on the right side of the I-beam.

    b. Push in the black spindle while tightening the two screws. Make sure the belt becomes slack after tightening the screws. The spindle will hold in place.
  5. The X-motor is held in place by four captured screws. Loosen these screws to remove the motor.
  6. Pull the motor up and away from the machine.
  7. With the new motor, put the silver spindle into place, making sure the belt loops around the spindle.
  8. Screw the motor into place.
  9. Reconnect the three leads.
  10. Tighten the I-beam belt.

    a. Loosen the two hexagonal screws using the 5/32 Allen wrench to allow the pulley system to tighten the belt.

    b. Make sure the pulley system snaps into place. The belt should be tight.

    c. Tighten the two hexagonal screws.
  11. Replace side panels.

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