Working with Single Line Fonts in CorelDRAW X4

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How do I find a single line font for Corel?


Single-line fonts are in high demand by traditional engravers. Corel has recently attempted to meet that demand by creating a set a of new fonts that emulate the single-line effect.

While they are not true single-line fonts, CorelDRAW X4 has created 10 fonts that they call “Engraver’s Fonts”. These fonts emulate the look of traditional engraving fonts, but like all of the fonts you use in Corel they do have outlines and fills associated with them.

These fonts can be found on the Corel X4 DVD.

Please note: Corel has changed the disc format they use for X4. Prior to X4 all Corel versions came on CD format. X4 now comes on DVD format. If you only have a CD player on your computer you will not be able to load X4 from the DVD disc.

At this time, there does not appear to be a way to download these specific fonts from the Corel website. Corel has grouped these fonts together alphabetically with a “Gxx” prefix so they can be easily located.

The font names are listed below:

• G1L D01 Deko
• G1L S06 Sans Machine Cond Italic
• G1L SC01 Script English
• G1L SC02 Script American
• G1L SL01 Memphis
• G4L A01 Garamond Italic
• G4L A02 Century
• G4L A03 Nimbus Roman
• G4L A07 Souvenir
• G4L S14 Fette Din Mittel

Once they are loaded onto your computer, you can use them with any version of Corel. These 10 engraving fonts will not load automatically from the CorelDRAW X4 DVD – they must be loaded manually.

To load them, use Bitstream Font Navigator (or your favorite font installation tool) and follow the path: DVD Drive | Extras | Content | Fonts | True Type – Engraver. The 10 fonts will be listed there and you can then load them onto your computer.

Please note: Bitstream Font Navigator would crash when we tried installing the G1L S06 Sans Machine Cond Italic font. You can use Bitstream Font Navigator to load the other fonts, but you need to deselect this font to avoid difficulty.

An alternate method for installing the fonts is to use the Font folder in the Windows Control Panel to install these fonts. We expect that Corel with resolve this issue at some point in the future so that Bitstream Font Navigator can be used to install this font.





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