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Orange arrow How can I change the default settings in the print driver?

  To change the default settings in the print driver, follow the instructions below: 1. Click 'Start', 'Control Panel', 'Devices and Printers' in Windows 7-->2. Right-Click on the Epilog Engraver Driver Icon and select 'Printer Preferences'-->3. Select the desired default parameters in Epilog Eng...
Orange arrow I have an Epilog Legend 24EX and was using a windows XP laptop to operate it. However, the laptop has taken an unfortunate turn for the worse and my replacement is a Windows 7 64bit laptop. How can

  -->-->Epilog only has 64 bit drivers for the Epilog Zing, Mini, Helix, EXT, FiberMark and Fusion lasers. Unfortunately we have no plans to release 64bit drivers for our previous model machines and thus, you must either continue using a 32bit system to run your machine or use a Virtual Machine on Wi...
Orange arrow When should I use the image dithering choices in the print driver?

  What is dithering?Dithering defines how the dot patterns will be engraved in raster images that contain grayscales, blends or color. The new Epilog Laser Dashboard™ offers six different dithering patterns to enhance your engraving results. Below is a screen shot of the new Laser Dashboard&tr...
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Orange arrow How do I create city map artwork for cutting or engraving with my Epilog Laser? (CorelDRAW)

  Laser Engrave or Cut a City Map (CorelDRAW) Laser engraved or cut city maps are easy to create and will quickly become a great new addition to your popular laser engraved and cut products. Create your own local city maps and laser engrave them on cutting boards, marble tiles, and small tables, or ...
Orange arrow Why is the Dashboard not recognizing hairlines or outlines as a vector process?

  Symptoms The Dashboard is unable to recognize some/all hairline paths as vector lines. Changing the process to a vector process manually results in the outline disappearing completely. Ungrouping the path creates path segments instead of a full path (see image). Resolution This is ...
Orange arrow How can I save my configuration settings in the print driver?

  Saving Configuration Settings in the Epilog Laser Dashboard Did you know you can save your most common laser engraving/cutting speed and power configurations through Epilog's Laser Dashboard™? The “Configurations” feature is a data management tool that saves all of your Dashboard...
Orange arrow Can you help me connect my laser to a Windows 7 computer over USB?

  When installing the Epilog Engraver over USB on Windows 7 64bit OS, you must follow the steps below: Turn the laser system off and your computer on. Plug your USB cable plugged into both the computer and the laser, turn the Engraver ‘ON’ and go to the Devices and Printers in Windows: -->Start –...
Orange arrow How can I use the Center-Center option in the print driver for easy positining of my engraving?

  Using the Center-Center Option in the Epilog Laser Dashboard When engraving a uniquely-shaped item, the Center-Center option within the Epilog Laser Dashboard can be an invaluable tool. The Center-Center option allows you to define the center of your artwork as the primary reference point (home po...
Orange arrow Where can I download the latest drivers and firmware for my laser?

  You can find the latest versions of Epilog Laser's driver and firmware software available for download at To stay informed when a new driver version is released, join the Driver Notification mailing list located on that page....
Orange arrow On my Windows 10 High-Resolution Display, I'm getting a blurry driver screen.

  If your driver appears blurry in Windows 10, here are the instructions for fixing the problem:
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Orange arrow How do I upgrade the firmware in my laser?

  Click here to see a video on how to upgrade your machine's firmware....
Orange arrow How can I use a Mac with the laser system?

  Using an Apple Computer with the Laser Epilog's Fusion Laser Series now features a Mac driver. To download the Mac driver for your Fusion Laser system, visit our driver/firmware downloads page. If you aren't a Fusion Laser owner and would still like to use a Mac with your engraving system, read on...
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Orange arrow How do I completely uninstall a print driver from my computer?

  Go to Devices and Printers. Right click on the driver you wish to remove and select Remove Device. Make sure that was the only driver of its kind. If there is more than one, remove the others, too. Reboot computer. This is an important step. After you reboot, go...
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Orange arrow When and how do I use the bottom-up engraving option that I see in the print driver?

  Using the Bottom-Up Engraving Option in the Laser Dashboard As any engraver knows, most materials you engrave or cut can produce a certain amount of debris. This is especially true with woods, acrylics and plastics. Epilog’s Laser Dashboard™ features an array of engraving options to he...
Orange arrow How do I install a driver using a crossover cable on Windows 8?

  *Please follow these instructions after you have changed your TCP/IP settings on your computer and after you disable the Driver Enforcement Signature. Press your Windows Button and "X" together to pull up your Power User Menu. Select "Control Panel". Under Hardware and Sound, select Devices ...

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