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Orange arrow How do I troubleshoot a problem with my auto focus assembly on my laser?

  Checking the Auto Focus Plunger Assembly This guide will walk you through troubleshooting common problems when dealing with the Auto Focus feature. The Auto Focus Plunger is a tool the machine uses to focus the laser automatically.Below are troubleshooting and maintenance guidelines that will hel...
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Orange arrow When I hit print to send the job to the machine, the display shows this, Job: position error*. How do I fix this?

  When the display reads "Position Error", this usually means that you have “Center Engraving” selected in the Dashboard and haven’t set a Center Point or did not mean to have Center Engraving selected at all. -->If you are not attempting to use the Center function in the Dashboard, deselect it in ...
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Orange arrow I'm seeing bars engraving to the right side of text and images. How do I fix this?

  Systems: All When setting up Corel X6, there is a setting that much be chosen to work correctly with your Epilog Laser system. If it is not selected, it will result in engraved bars that extend past the right-hand side of the image, as shown below: To resolve this issue, please take the followin...
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Orange arrow How do I align the laser beam on my Epilog Zing laser?

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Orange arrow What do the Diagnostic Lights on the Fusion refer to?

  LED Diagnostic Light References:

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