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Orange arrow Can you help me connect my laser to a Windows 7 computer over USB?

  When installing the Epilog Engraver over USB on Windows 7 64bit OS, you must follow the steps below: Turn the laser system off and your computer on. Plug your USB cable plugged into both the computer and the laser, turn the Engraver ‘ON’ and go to the Devices and Printers in Windows: -->Start –...
Orange arrow I'm having problems printing over my crossover cable. What is the problem?

  Troubleshooting a Direct Network Connection via Crossover Cable If you find yourself unable to print when connected to the host computer via crossover cable, please check the following items for a possible resolution. Delete all jobs from queue. Confirm the Epilog Laser being used is "online....
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Orange arrow How can I setup my Epilog Laser system as a wireless printer?

  Wireless Printing to an Epilog Laser Did you know that current Epilog laser systems (Zing, Mini, Helix, EXT and FiberMark) have the ability to be set up as a wireless printer? This means you can print to your laser wirelessly from any computer that has wireless capability and is within range. It'...
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