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Orange arrow Can you help me connect my laser to a Windows 7 computer over USB?

  When installing the Epilog Engraver over USB on Windows 7 64bit OS, you must follow the steps below: Turn the laser system off and your computer on. Plug your USB cable plugged into both the computer and the laser, turn the Engraver ‘ON’ and go to the Devices and Printers in Windows: -->Start –...
Orange arrow How do I replace my Y-Belt on my Mini, Helix or FiberMark?

  Y-Axis Belt Replacement on the Epilog Mini/Helix/FiberMark Machine Type: Epilog Mini 18/24, Helix and FiberMark Tools Needed: Philips head screw driver 5/16 Nut Driver This procedure details steps to replacing the Y-belts. The Y-belt controls the mo...

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