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Orange arrow How do I create a serialized tag in PhotoLaser Plus?

  Did you know you can use the badge layout tool in PhotoLaser Plus to create serial tags with variable data? It's a quick and easy way to create a serialized tag system that can be engraved and cut with the laser. In this article we'll be looking at how to do a quick serial tag setup with a serial ...
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Orange arrow How can I achieve better engraving results with PhotoLaser Plus on wood when I'm engraving small wood photos?

  Engraving Small Wood Photos with PhotoLaser Plus With the introduction of PhotoLaser Plus, photo engraving has vastly improved. But at Epilog Laser, we're always looking for ways to make it even better. One of the improvements we’ve recently made is creating a setting that allows you to see ...
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Orange arrow I can't copy my file from EngraveLab to Corel - how can I fix this?

  To open all of the features of PhotoLaser Plus you'll need to set an Epilog driver as your default printer in the program. Follow the steps below: Go to File > Print Select your Epilog driver as your printer and click OK. Close the software and restart the program. You'll now have the expo...
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Orange arrow How do I create a PhotoLaser Plus file with a namebadge layout?

  One of the most common questions we receive is regarding badge layout. Although it looks easy, finding a quick way to create multiple name badges can create some major complications. Since working with PhotoLaser Plus, we've discovered a great benefit of the software is that it does an excellent j...
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Orange arrow I'm having problems installing Engrave Lab PhotoLaser Plus. How can I fix this?

  These instructions provide solutions to installation problems customers have seen when installing PhotoLaser Plus (PLP). Our experience shows that installation problems can produce one of three error messages: Cannot install Product.ini This is a demo version and can only be used to produce 10 ...
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Orange arrow How can I create a vignette in PhotoLaser Plus for my laser?

  Transforming a Vignette in PhotoLaser Plus If you're looking for a more sophisticated look when cropping and engraving photos, consider a vignette - a cropping technique that produces a soft, feathered edge that is very appealing. In order to create a vignette, it is necessary crop the image firs...
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Orange arrow How do I use PhotoLaser Plus with my Laser?

  This page is to provide you with special settings that we've developed with CADLink for PhotoLaser Plus, as well as to provide you with some quick tips that we think you'll find helpful when using the software. Photo Engraving Settings Copy these settings into c:/engravelab/photolaser. They includ...
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