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Orange arrow When I hit print to send the job to the machine, the display shows this, Job: position error*. How do I fix this?

  When the display reads "Position Error", this usually means that you have “Center Engraving” selected in the Dashboard and haven’t set a Center Point or did not mean to have Center Engraving selected at all. -->If you are not attempting to use the Center function in the Dashboard, deselect it in ...
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Orange arrow How can I use the Center-Center option in the print driver for easy positining of my engraving?

  Using the Center-Center Option in the Epilog Laser Dashboard When engraving a uniquely-shaped item, the Center-Center option within the Epilog Laser Dashboard can be an invaluable tool. The Center-Center option allows you to define the center of your artwork as the primary reference point (home po...

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