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Orange arrow How do I convert my vector artwork from CMYK to RGB using CorelDRAW?

  Start by selecting all of your artwork with the Pick Tool (CTRL + A). Next open the Replace Objects Wizard, by selecting Edit / Find & Replace / Replace Objects from the drop-down menu option. Select Replace a color model or palette from the options, and click Next. Next, select the Find a c...
Orange arrow How do I create city map artwork for cutting or engraving with my Epilog Laser? (Adobe Illustrator)

  Laser Engrave or Cut a City Map (Adobe Illustrator) Laser engraved or cut city maps are easy to create and will quickly become a great new addition to your popular laser engraved and cut products. Create your own local city maps and laser engrave them on cutting boards, marble tiles, and small tab...
Orange arrow Why is the Dashboard not recognizing hairlines or outlines as a vector process?

  Symptoms The Dashboard is unable to recognize some/all hairline paths as vector lines. Changing the process to a vector process manually results in the outline disappearing completely. Ungrouping the path creates path segments instead of a full path (see image). Resolution This is ...
Orange arrow How does resolution affect the line stroke I should choose?

  Cutting and Engraving Different Line Weights If you're vector cutting items and set the line width to "hairline" in Corel, you should have no problem cutting. But what about other line weights? Which ones engrave and which ones will cut? And what about resolution? How do all these variables effect...
Orange arrow Large fonts in CorelDRAW X6 are automatically cutting, even though when selected, it shows no outline.

  This is a basic setting in X6, it’s under Tools/Options/Global/Printing/Driver Compatibility. “All Text as Graphics” needs to be unselected for all Epilog drivers. You can select the different Epilog drivers from the drop down box at top of page....
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Orange arrow When I am trying to cut small fonts in CorelDRAW X6, it is not cutting when I send it to the laser. It just beeps, job done.

  The cause of this is an older revision of Corel X6. Latest is 16.3. If you’re running 16.0 you’ll need to update to 16.1 before 16.3. Both downloads are on the Corel site....
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Orange arrow How do I fix the vertical vector lines on the Fusion?

  How do I fix the vertical vector lines on the Fusion? Click the link below for instructions:
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