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Orange arrow How do I thicken a line or shape to make it stronger when laser cut?

  When cutting out very thin or intricate patterns with the laser, the final cuts can sometimes be so thin that they may break during everyday handling. In this article, we will show you how to expand thin objects with Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 and combine objects together to make them stronger once ...
Orange arrow Large fonts in CorelDRAW X6 are automatically cutting, even though when selected, it shows no outline.

  This is a basic setting in X6, it’s under Tools/Options/Global/Printing/Driver Compatibility. “All Text as Graphics” needs to be unselected for all Epilog drivers. You can select the different Epilog drivers from the drop down box at top of page....
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Orange arrow When I am trying to cut small fonts in CorelDRAW X6, it is not cutting when I send it to the laser. It just beeps, job done.

  The cause of this is an older revision of Corel X6. Latest is 16.3. If you’re running 16.0 you’ll need to update to 16.1 before 16.3. Both downloads are on the Corel site....
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