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Orange arrow How do I use fonts in my designs for the laser?

  Regardless of your design program, you’re likely faced with a myriad of fonts to select from when you’re creating a design. But how do you choose fonts? What types of fonts go with what kind of designs? How can you manipulate text and fonts to create appealing visuals? Read on for the a...
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Orange arrow How do I find a single line font for Corel?

  Single-line fonts are in high demand by traditional engravers. Corel has recently attempted to meet that demand by creating a set a of new fonts that emulate the single-line effect. While they are not true single-line fonts, CorelDRAW X4 has created 10 fonts that they call “Engraver’s ...
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Orange arrow How do I create an image out of fonts, like a FontBot?

  What is a FontBot? It's a design you create from the letters and characters of a specific font. Designers have come up with all kinds of amazing robots and other creations using fonts, but what will yours look like? We'll be giving a quick demonstration on how to create your own FontBot in your ...
Tagged: font

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