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Orange arrow How can I use the laser to create a 3D effect on glass and acrylic?

  1) This 3-D effect will work for any block style font and many other types of shapes, but for this exercise we are going to apply the effect to the letter "E". Start with a capital letter "E" to the specifications below. Font: Arial Black Size: 310 pt Convert to Curves No fill Hairline: Out...
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Orange arrow How do I create a multiple level engraving effect from a piece of clipart?

  In our 3D acrylic Sample Club download, we engraved parts of a clip art image on five cut pieces of acrylic. When placed together, the engraved acrylic creates a 3D effect because of the different levels of each engraving. In this article we're going to show you how you can layer a piece of clip ar...
Tagged: acrylic

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