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Orange arrow How do I trace a logo in CorelDRAW?

  Have you ever received a logo from a client that needs to be in vector format, but they only have it in a rasterized bitmap format? CorelDRAW X13 has updated their raster to vector trace feature to make it faster and easier to use, with much better results than ever before! Check out the flash dem...
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Orange arrow How do I create an outline around a clipart image in CorelDRAW?

  Click here to see a video on how to create an outline around a clipart image....
Orange arrow How do I trace a clipart image to remove the white background?

  You''''ve received your client''''s image for a project, and all they have available is a bitmap with a white background. You need to duplicate this image, but how can you quickly get rid of the white background? Follow the steps below to create a quick solution to this problem. With your image...
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