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Orange arrow How do I clean the lenses in my laser system?

  Cleaning the Optics in your Epilog Laser System Ensuring your optics are clean will help your laser system perform its best. If smoke, resin, or other contaminants are allowed to accumulate too heavily, they will reduce the available laser power and may cause damage. Dirty optics can also greatly ...
Orange arrow How do I remove my lens carriage on the Epilog Zing?

  Lens Carriage Removal and Installation on the Epilog Zing Laser Machine Type: Zing Engraver Tools Required: Phillips screw driver Disconnect the machine from its power source. Remove the power cord from the machine. Move the X-Axis assembly to the center of the machine. M...
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Orange arrow Where can I buy the Epilog lens cleaner?

  Lens Cleaner - How to Purchase More You can purchase it directly from Epilog Technical Support. Dial +1 303.215.9171, press #1 for parts. The part number for the lens cleaner is MCP-303....
Orange arrow How do I replace the lens assembly on the 36EXT?

  Replacing the Epilog Legend 36EXT Lens Assembly Although the standard 2" focal lens that comes with the EXT will work well for most projects, to achieve the optimum laser beam on special types of projects, we offer two optional focus lenses. The optional lenses on the Legend 36EXT are designed not...
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