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Orange arrow How do I clean the lenses in my laser system?

  Cleaning the Optics in your Epilog Laser System Ensuring your optics are clean will help your laser system perform its best. If smoke, resin, or other contaminants are allowed to accumulate too heavily, they will reduce the available laser power and may cause damage. Dirty optics can also greatly ...
Orange arrow How can I remove sticky residue after engraving wood?

  Easily Remove Engraving Residue from Wood If you've ever run your laser at low speed and highpower, you've seen the results - sticky sap and varnish covering the areas you've already engraved. We wanted to share a product we've found that quickly cleans up all of that extra residue, leaving a cle...
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Tagged: cleaning

Orange arrow How do I clean my vector cutting grid?

  Cleaning Your Vector Grid The vector grid is an invaluable tool for operators who perform cutting tasks. With continual use, the vector grid can become dirty from the residue left behind from certain materials - especially wood. Here we'll discuss a great technique sure to come in handy the next ...

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