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Orange arrow How do I clean my vector cutting grid?

  Cleaning Your Vector Grid The vector grid is an invaluable tool for operators who perform cutting tasks. With continual use, the vector grid can become dirty from the residue left behind from certain materials - especially wood. Here we'll discuss a great technique sure to come in handy the next ...
Orange arrow How do I check the levelness of the table on my Mini or Helix laser?

  Checking Table Level on the Mini and Helix Laser Machine Type: Mini 18 and 24, and Helix Laser Tools required: Manual Focus Gauge With your machine on, open up the main door so you can have full access to the table. Locate manual focus gauge. This is triangular or “V” shaped t...
Orange arrow When I manually focus my laser, how far up or down does the table move with each push of the up or down arrow?

  Moving down, the table moves .01-.015". Moving the table up, you have more incremental control and it steps up at about .005" per pulse....

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