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Orange arrow My engraving is drifting across the page and looks wavy. What is happening?

  Cleaning the X-Axis Linear Encoder Strip Machines: Epilog Mini 18/24, Helix, 36EXT Laser, and FiberMark. If you are seeing wavy engraving, or the engraving seems to be drifting across the page, you probably have a dirty linear encoder. Cleaning it is a quick process that we will explain below. ...
Orange arrow My Air Assist is not operating correctly. How do I fix it?

  Troubleshooting the Air Assist Feature Machine Types: Mini 18, Mini 24, Helix, and EXT This guide will walk you through troubleshooting the most common problems that keep the Air Assist feature from working properly. Below are some common scenarios that prevent proper functioning. First, determin...
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Orange arrow I'm having problems printing over my crossover cable. What is the problem?

  Troubleshooting a Direct Network Connection via Crossover Cable If you find yourself unable to print when connected to the host computer via crossover cable, please check the following items for a possible resolution. Delete all jobs from queue. Confirm the Epilog Laser being used is "online....
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Orange arrow How do I check the levelness of the table on my Mini or Helix laser?

  Checking Table Level on the Mini and Helix Laser Machine Type: Mini 18 and 24, and Helix Laser Tools required: Manual Focus Gauge With your machine on, open up the main door so you can have full access to the table. Locate manual focus gauge. This is triangular or “V” shaped t...
Orange arrow How do I level my engraving table on the Mini or Helix?

  Checking and Adjusting Your Laser System's Table Level Machine types: Mini, HelixProcedure: Checking table levelTools required: Manual Focus Gauge A perfectly level table is key to any cutting or engraving project. Here we'll show you how to check your table level and adjust as necessary. With...
Orange arrow The carriage rollers in my Zing look like they are different sizes. Is something wrong?

  Symptom: Carriage rollers are visually different in size, which may cause engraving quality issues. If the carriage rollers are left for too long, you may experience metal on metal contact once the rollers wear. Issue: Zing engravers may contain carriage rollers that have been incorrectly sized....
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Orange arrow How do I convert my vector artwork from CMYK to RGB using CorelDRAW?

  Start by selecting all of your artwork with the Pick Tool (CTRL + A). Next open the Replace Objects Wizard, by selecting Edit / Find & Replace / Replace Objects from the drop-down menu option. Select Replace a color model or palette from the options, and click Next. Next, select the Find a c...
Orange arrow What do the Diagnostic Lights on the Fusion refer to?

  LED Diagnostic Light References:

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