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Orange arrow How do I replace the lens carriage roller on my Epilog Zing?

  Zing Engraver Lens Carriage Roller Replacement Machine Type: Epilog Zing LaserTools Required: Phillips screwdriver Disconnect the machine from its power source. Remove the power cord from the machine. Move the X-Axis assembly to the center of the machine. Move the lens carriage to the cen...
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Orange arrow The carriage rollers in my Zing look like they are different sizes. Is something wrong?

  Symptom: Carriage rollers are visually different in size, which may cause engraving quality issues. If the carriage rollers are left for too long, you may experience metal on metal contact once the rollers wear. Issue: Zing engravers may contain carriage rollers that have been incorrectly sized....
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Orange arrow How do I replace the Zing lens carriage roller?

  How do I replace the Zing lens carriage roller? Click the link below for instructions:

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