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Orange arrow How do I realign the ruler guides on my Mini or Helix?

  Squaring the Ruler Guides on the Mini/Helix Machine Types: Epilog Mini 18/24, Helix If your rulers have been moved accidentally or on purpose and you would like to return them to their original positioning, and by following these simple steps it will walk you through the process. Turn Power “O...
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Orange arrow How do I align the laser beam of my Epilog Mini or Helix?

  Aligning the Laser Beam of the Epilog Mini and Helix Machine Type: Mini 18 and 24 and Helix Laser Tools Required: # 1 Phillips Screw Driver 3/32 Hex (Allen) Wrench Target (supplied with machine) 1 piece of Masking Tape I need a new Target Order one by calling 303-215-9171, pressi...
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Orange arrow How do I align the laser beam on my Epilog Zing laser?

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Orange arrow Where can I buy or print out a new target for aligning my laser beam?

  Purchase or Print a New Laser Alignment Target If you need a new target for aligning your laser beam you can order one by calling 303-215-9171. Press #1 and request: TT198: Target for the Epilog Zing, Mini, Helix, and older style Legend 36EXT (with 4" exhaust ports). MM098: Target for the Fibe...
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