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Orange arrow How do I replace the fans on my Epilog Mini or Helix System?

  Fan Replacement on the Epilog Mini and Helix Systems Machine Type: Epilog Mini 18/24 and Helix Tools Needed: #2 Phillips head screwdriver, 6/32 Nut driver Flat head screwdriver or wire cutter Turn engraver off and unplug it from the wall. Face the back of the machine where the ex...
Orange arrow How do I install the Super-Silent Fans in my Mini or Helix?

  Super-Silent Fans Installation Instructions for the Epilog Mini and Helix Machine Types: Epilog Mini 18/24 and HelixTools Needed: #1 Phillips Head Screwdriver 5/16 nut driver Turn off and unplug the engraver from the power source. Facing the rear of the machine, remove the eight Phillips s...

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