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Using the Bottom-Up Engraving Option in the Laser Dashboard

When and how do I use the bottom-up engraving option that I see in the print driver?

How to use the bottom-up engraving option.

As any engraver knows, most materials you engrave or cut can produce a certain amount of debris. This is especially true with woods, acrylics and plastics. Epilog’s Laser Dashboard™ features an array of engraving options to help you get the most from you system.

The Bottom-Up engraving feature is one of the most popular options within the Laser Dashboard.

This feature applies to Raster engraving only and allows you to engrave your project either from the top down, or the bottom up. This is very helpful for some materials like plastic or rubber stamps.

In standard top-down engraving there can be a large amount of engraving debris generated. As the debris moves towards the exhaust plenum, some of it collects in the area that has just been engraved. Bottom-Up engraving prevents the debris from collecting in the freshly engraved spaces.

The bottom-up function reduces the amount of smoke and residue so that it is not dragged across fresh engraving marks.

Bottom-up engraving often results in less residue, which makes for easier clean-up.

The next time you engrave a material with a significant amount of debris, consider using the bottom-up engraving function for easier clean-up and a better overall look.

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