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Cleaning the Fusion Pro 32 & 48

How to I clean the Fusion Pro 32 and 48?

Date updated: 11/07/2023
Categories: System Maintenance
This document details the most common cleaning and maintenance procedures for the Pro 32 and 48

Regular cleaning of the Fusion Pro engraver will result in a longer service life of the engraver and less down time. Additionally, regular cleaning of the Fusion Pro engraver can mitigate the risk of flare-ups and other thermal events. A mild household cleaner or degreaser can be used to clean all hard surfaces of the engraver except for the optics. Optics should be cleaned using Epilog Laser branded Multi-Coated Filter and Lens cleaner, reagent grade acetone, or a similar high-quality optics cleaning solution.

See the attached documents for more detailed information on the cleaning and preventative maintenance for the Fusion Pro 32 and 48.

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