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I-Beam Replacement on the Epilog Mini

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How do I replace the I-beam on my Epilog Mini?


I-Beam Replacement on the Epilog Mini

Machine Types: Epilog Mini 18/24 

Tools needed:

  • No. 2 Phillips head screwdriver
  • No. 1 Flat head screwdriver
  • Wire clipper
  • Nylon tie
  1. Make sure the machine is turned off. Assuming you are facing the front of the machine, pull the right and left side panel off of the machine off by removing the 6 Phillips head screws on each side. There are 4 on each side and the other 2 are on the back on both sides of the machine.  Pic 1
  2. At this point, the air assist tube needs to be removed from the I-beam. This is done by using the flat head screwdriver and unscrewing the connector that the air assist tubing is plugged into. Pic 2
  3. Next, you will need to remove the white ribbon cable that plugs in to a circuit board located directly under the air assist connection you just removed in step 2. To do this, you will need to cut the white nylon tie that secures the white ribbon cable. Use your wire clippers to do this. Pic 3, 4.

  4. Using the Phillips head screwdriver, loosen the 2 screws with the green casing on the I-beam. One is located just to the right and rear of where the white ribbon cable connects and the other is located on the front side of the I-beam, just next to the X motor. Pic 5, 6
  5. Now, loosen the screw with the green casing on the left side of the I-beam using the Phillips head screwdriver. Pic 7

  6. By lifting up on both sides of the I-beam, you will free it from the brackets that it sits in. At this point, place the right side of the I beam to the back and bring the left side to the front of the machine. Pic 8. You will be able to slide the I-beam to the right until the left side of the I-beam clears the chassis wall.Pic 9. Now, lift the left side of the I-beam up so the X motor on the right side clears the chassis wall and the I-beam can now be fully removed from the machine. Pic 10

  7. To re-install the X-axis I-beam, simply reverse steps 6 back down to 1. Be sure to use a new nylon tie to secure the white ribbon cable to the I-beam mentioned in step 3.
  8. Refer to the Mini alignment tech note once you are finished to ensure proper alignment.

If you have any further questions about this procedure, you can contact Epilog technical support at:

Phone 303-215-9171
Fax     303-531-7594


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