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Cleaning the Laser's Vector Cutting Grid

How do I clean my vector cutting grid?

How to clean the vector cutting grid.

The vector grid is an invaluable tool for operators who perform cutting tasks. With continual use, the vector grid can become dirty from the residue left behind from certain materials - especially wood.

Here we'll discuss a great technique sure to come in handy the next time your vector grid needs a good cleaning.

Please note the cleaner we mention below is very powerful. Follow the instructions carefully and DO NOT over soak the grid. We used ONE part Zep and FIVE parts water, soaking the grid for only 1-2 minutes per side. DO NOT let the grid soak for longer or it may be damaged.

Below you'll find the required and optional materials for this project.

  • Zep Purple Industrial - available from Home Depot, ACE Hardware and HD Facilities Maintenance.
  • Pipe cleaners or small plastic detailing brush (optional) -used to remove any stubborn residue after soaking the grid.
  • Rubber gloves (optional) - keep your hands dirt-free throughout the cleaning process.

How is the right side so much cleaner than the left?
We took our dirtiest vector grid and put this cleaning
method to the test. Read on to find out how we did it!

  • Follow the instructions on the cleaning solution carefully and do not allow the grid to soak for too long. Since our grid was exceptionally dirty, we used one part Zep and five parts hot water. It's a good idea to start with conservative amounts of Zep - remember you can always add more if you find you need it.
  • Prepare the solution accordingly in your soaking container. As mentioned above, we used one part Zep to five parts hot water.

    Customer Tip!   We use a bucket below to soak the vector grid, but our customer Jim Puentes wrote in to suggest his method of using a Kennel Tray to soak the grid. It's far more shallow requiring less cleaning solution. Also they are available in several different sizes and are relatively inexpensive. You can find a kennel tray at your local pet store.  Thanks, Jim!
  • Now it's time to soak the vector grid. Gently place the grid in your soaking container for about 1-2 minutes. DO NOT soak for longer than 1-2 minutes as too much exposure can harm the vector grid. You will see the solution immediately starts to dissolve the residue on the grid.

    If you are cleaning the grid vertically, as pictured to the right, simply flip it over and soak the other end after 1-2 minutes has elapsed. The solution is powerful enough to clean the other side - you will not need to refill your container with the cleaning solution and water.

  • After you've adequately soaked your grid, rinse thoroughly. If you choose, you may use a pipe cleaner or small plastic brush to remove any tough debris that was not removed from the vector grid. Just dip the instrument in the solution and gently swab the area.

  • After any final touches, make sure the grid is rinsed completely and let it dry. That's all there is to it!

If further assistance is required, please visit to contact Epilog Laser Technical Support.