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Converting Vector Artwork from CMYK to RGB - CorelDRAW

How do I convert my vector artwork from CMYK to RGB using CorelDRAW?

How to convert vector artwork from CMYK to RGB in CorelDRAW.
  1. Start by selecting all of your artwork with the Pick Tool (CTRL + A).

    Select All Artwork - CMYK to RGB

  2. Next open the Replace Objects Wizard, by selecting Edit / Find & Replace / Replace Objects from the drop-down menu option.

    Find and Replace - CMYK to RGB

  3. Select Replace a color model or palette from the options, and click Next.

    Replace a color model or palette - CMYK to RGB

  4. Next, select the Find a color Model option and choose CMYK from the drop-down menu options. For the Replace with the color model option, select RGB from the drop-down menu. Leave the default option of Fills selected for the Find and Replace. Now make sure there is a check mark next to Apply to fountain fills, Apply to 2-color pattern fills, and Apply to monochrome bitmaps, then click Finish. 

    Machine generated alternative text: Replace Wizard x Select which Color Model or Palette pu would like to find and then select which Color Model you would like to replace it with. O Find any color model or color palette @ Find a color model: O Find a color palette: CMYK Uniform Colors Replace with the color model: RGB Replace colors used as @ Fills O Outlines @Apply to fountain fills @Apply to 2-color pattern fills @Apply to monochrome bitmaps

  5. With the artwork still selected, click the Replace All button and sit back and watch CorelDRAW change all the objects for you. Once finished, close the Find and Replace palette.

    Replace All Button - CMYK to RGB

  6. If there are outlines in your artwork with CMYK colors, you will need to repeat these Find and Replace steps for the outlines in your artwork as well. To complete the process of converting outlines in your artwork from CMYK to RGB, repeat steps 1-4, but select Outlines at the Replace colors use as option, in step 4. 

    Repeat for Outlines - CMYK to RGB




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